Innovation and Sustainability

At ARPEPE, even innovation has to respect the concept of “the right waiting time”: evolution is not a matter of fleeting fashions, for it has to respond to the need for constant improvement of every aspect of production.

We believe that genuine innovation means capturing the essence of tradition, and systematically perfecting it in even the tiniest details.

We have indeed introduced a number of improvements in vineyard management, in order to improve the quality of the grapes, making the work of the winegrowers both simpler and more effective. Gentle Simonit&Sirch pruning, light battery-powered Pellenc tools and the use of small harvesting boxes are just some examples of the constant attention we pay to the professional advancement and health of our young people.

With the help of an helicopter, we installed a cable car in the Rocce Rosse vineyard to transport the grapes down into the valley. Similar structures were used a hundred years ago, but making one today, in compliance with all the safety regulations, was a task of rare complexity.

Even though it was built in 1973, the underground cellar at Buon Consiglio is perfectly integrated into the terraced slope of the Grumello. It was made using what were advanced solutions for the time and its special architectural structure allows for natural moisture and temperature control, which is essential for proper ageing.

Also the new reception and tasting premises, designed by the architect Enrico Massimino and opened on the 150th anniversary of the business, adopt the latest ideas on environmental impact. Our guests can now look out over the vineyards and rocks of the Grumello, experiencing a wonderful sensation of being in two worlds, both indoors and out.

The cornerstone of the entire design was its focus on the environment and thus, primarily, on the vineyard. The roof of the new premises, for example, is in the form of a garden, while the photocatalytic paving outside removes pollutants from the air.

Geothermal energy – transforming the natural heat of ground water to obtain a clean, renewable form of alternative energy – was an inspired decision, further reducing our company’s CO2 emissions.