Vineyard and Winery

The manual work in the vineyard, following the natural rhythms of Nebbiolo from the Alps, and the right waiting time for ageing in the cellar, are two simple concepts that form the basis of ARPEPE’s production philosophy. The idea is to preserve the unique aromatic properties of our grapes and to transfer them intact to the bottle, adopting a process that is as respectful as possible of the earth and of those who work it.


Our vineyards, spread across 13 hectares owned by us, are located in Sassella, Grumello and Inferno, in the heart of the Valtellina Superiore DOCG area. Production is completely by hand, as are all plant protection processes. We know how hard it is to look after vines – it can take up to 1,500 hours to cultivate just a single hectare (that’s two and a half acres) of vineyard.


Wine Cellar

ARPEPE wines are the outcome of a winemaking philosophy that brings out the very best of Nebbiolo from the Alps grapes. Our performance involves giving the right space to all the instruments in the orchestra of winemaking and the wine cellar naturally plays a key part in this. For 5 generations we have been using vats, large barrels, tanks made of steel or concrete and no end of patience: the ageing process will then be as long as it takes.