Wine Cellar

Vinification and ageing process, as well as agronomic management, are not things that can be worked out precisely on a spreadsheet. This means that ARPEPE wines are not the result of some mathematical formula, but rather of a philosophy capable of bringing out the best in Nebbiolo from the Alps.

Our interpretation involves giving the right space to all the instruments in the orchestra of winemaking. The aim is to give voice to all the nuances that the genetic heritage of centuries-old vines whispers to those who love Chiavennasca.

If you listen carefully, you’ll find that every vintage has its own fundamental harmonies. In the cellar, using the tools we have been using for 5 generations, with vats, large barrels, steel or concrete tanks, and a huge bundle of patience, we compose our symphony, improvising and listening over and over again to make sure the instruments are all perfectly in tune.

The first performance always comes at the start of the winter season, for two consecutive days (ARPEPE DAYS).